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The Best Fat Burning Foods to Lose Weight

Did you know you could lose weight simply by eating some of your favorite foods? That's right! It's not all about gut busting ab workouts and starving yourself. Weight loss can (and, in fact, does) start in the kitchen with fat burning foods. So, grab your cooking utensils and let's take a look at some foods you can eat to help drop those excess pounds and clean up the fat around your stomach area.

Egg whites are beneficial because they contain a large amount of protein. Our bodies use more energy to digest protein. Simply put, when our bodies are using more energy, they are burning more fat. This makes eggs an ideal food for eating to lose weight. As a side bonus - egg whites also contain little to no fat, and are readily available at any grocery store. Eggs are definitely a great fat burning food and are easy to cook.

Garlic is commonly used as flavoring for many dishes, but it's benefit goes far beyond the tasty addition it gives our food. Garlic contains alicin which helps to burn fat and flush away toxins from the body. Next time you're in the kitchen cooking up a delicious meal, don't forget about the garlic! A little garlic goes a long way when burning fat.

Green Vegetables: Broccoli, Lettuce, Celery, and Green Beans
Green leafy vegetables such as broccoli, celery, and lettuce are high in fiber, vitamins, and have a very low calorie level - but these magic foods also have one very interesting benefit. They actually burn more calories than you consume by eating them! Include a serving of green leafy vegetables with every meal for that extra weight loss punch with fat burning foods.

Apples (and other citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit) are an excellent food to burn fat due to the high fiber content and low sugar content. An apple makes a great snack and doesn't have many calories. Snacking away that pesky extra weight is not only good for you, it's delicious!

Not only is turkey everyone's favorite Thanksgiving dish, it also aids in weight loss. This is because turkey meat is lean and has a high amount of amino acids. These amino acids help speed up your metabolism and burn more fat. If you don't like turkey, you could also eat lean chicken for the same benefits.

Start every day off right with a bowl of tasty oatmeal. Oatmeal contains a healthy amount of fiber which helps keep your natural insulin levels low. Insulin sends a message to our body to start storing fat, so eating oatmeal prevents this fat accumulation. Additionaly, fiber helps keep our bathroom habits regular and helps cleanse the body of built up toxins.

Cayenne Pepper
Do you love spicy foods? You're in luck. Many spices such as cayenne pepper (found in peppers such as Jalapenos) is a great fat burning food. These peppers contain a substance called 'capsaicin' that increases your metabolism and helps your body to burn excess fat. So, when you're snacking away and want to add a little heat, don't forget to add some cayenne pepper!

Low Fat Cottage cheese and Low Fat Milk
Both cottage cheese and milk are great fat burning foods due to the casein found in them. Casein helps the body to digest sugars more slowly. When sugar is digested too quickly, insulin builds up and our body starts to store fat. Some weight loss studies even show milk was a large contributing factor in allowing the test subjects to lose weight safely.

These are just some of the fat burning foods you can eat to maintain a healthy weight. This is far from a comprehensive list of every food that is good for weight loss, but it's definitely a great place to start.

If you're interested in learning more about fat burning foods and keeping your waistline slim, check out the following video: