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Gut Busting Ab Workouts

Sure, eating the right fat burning foods will reduce the amount of exercise needed to achieve those rock hard abs. However, the proper ab workout is still required to enhance and define the appearance of your ab muscles. You can lose all the weight in the world, but if you're not working out your muscles they will lack definition.

Listed below are some ab workouts that you can do in the privacy and comfort of your own home. No special equipment or weight machines are needed.

Important: Remember to always stretch and loosen up your muscles prior to any of the exercises listed below. To avoid injury, never over exert yourself. The goal here is to simply stimulate the muscles, not tear the tissue due to pushing your body too hard.

Ab Workout Exercise #1: Crunches

Crunches are a great beginner exercise to get the abs in top shape. You don't need any special equipment to do a crunch. To perform a crunch, lay flat on your back with your hands behind your head. Bend your knees (you may want a partner here to hold your feet to the ground if you are having trouble keeping your feet on the floor).

Now, gently lift your back off the floor as you attempt to touch your eblows to your knees. You don't have to bring your elbow all the way to the knee, but go as far as you feel comfortable with. Do this several times. That burn you feel in your midsection is the muscles getting an effective ab workout!

The number of crunches you should do depends on many factors, but we recommend starting off small for your first few days and then gradually increasing the number of reps over time. This will prevent injury and gives you a chance to stimulate your abs slowly and get them to used to more intense workouts in the future.

If you wish to perform a "reverse crunch" simply lift to your knees to your elbows instead of your elbow to the knee.

Ab Workout Exercise #2: Oblique Crossover Crunches

This exercise is similar to a regular crunch, with a couple minor differences. Just like a standard crunch, this exercise requires no special equipment.

To perform a crossover crunch, lay on your back and cross your right leg over your left knee. Gently lift your shoulder off the floor and twist your body to the right bringing your right elbow towards your left knee. After a few reps, remember to switch sides. This is a great exercise to define and tone the sides of your ab muscles.

Combine standard crunches with oblique crossover crunches for the ultimate ab workout!

Ab Workout Exercise #3: Plank

A plank is another great ab exercise to really get those ab muscles toned! Like the crunches listed above, a plank requires no special equipment.

To perform a plank, get down on the ground with only your forearms and feet touching the floor (the same position as a typical push up, only using your forearms for leverage instead of your hands). Now contract your ab muscles and swing your pelvis to one side. Hold this position for as long as you can. If you are doing a plank correctly, you will feel the ab muscles burning.

Just like crunches, we recommend starting off slow. To avoid injury, don't hold the position too long at first. Like any good ab workout, the key is gradual progress.

Ab Workout Exercise #4: Oblique Twist Side Plank

Once you're comfortable doing crunches and planks, it's time to take it to next level! If you want to really see that fat belly become a flat belly - you should add the following exercise into your ab workout routine. This one isn't for the faint of heart!

Lie down on your side. Now, push yourself up off the floor using your right arm. Your feet should be firmly together. Take your left arm and sweep it down around your body so that your abs are facing the floor. This can be a tough position to hold, but try to hold it as long as possible. After a few reps, switch sides.

You must be physically strong to be able to properly perform an oblique twist side plank, as it's a very advanced exercise - but if you've been doing your crunches and planks on a regular basis, you should be able to tackle this one with ease.

Additional Information on Ab Workouts:

The exercises listed above are a great way to start defining those ab muscles. However, we highly recommend taking your ab workout to the next level. Watch the following short video for more information on how to achieve the abs of your dreams: