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How To Build Ab Muscle and Lose Weight

Let's face it, we all want to look good in a bathing suit. We all want to have those sharp, chiseled ab muscles. A nice set of abs gives out the signal to others that we care about ourselves and our appearance. They are a sign of confidence and hard work. Having defined muscles isn't just reserved for movie stars or body builders. It's attainable by anyone who reaches for it.

No matter who you are, you CAN achieve the body you desire.

In this section, we'll examine how to go from flabby to fantastic in a way everyone can understand. With a proper mix of dieting, exercise, and determination you can lose weight and build muscle.

Step 1 - Losing the Fat Around the Belly Through Diet

In order for your ab muscles to appear defined and toned, you need to lose the fat around your stomach. This should go without saying, but nobody is going to see muscle through layers of fat. Before you start showing off that six pack on the beach this summer, you need to drop that excess weight.

Losing this aforementioned belly fat is best achieved by dieting. Check out our Flat Belly Dieting Guide for a meal plan that can truly burn off excess weight in a short amount of time. Staying away from greasy fast food and junk food will be hard at first, but the results will be well worth the effort. We need to feed our body good, healthy food if we want to truly shed that stomach fat.

Eating the right fat burning foods for the proper nutrition and fat burning properties is key.

Once we've began our dieting and are starting to see a slimmer waistline, we need to add exercise to the mix.

Step 2 - How to Build Muscle and Lose Weight with Exercise

Diet is great, but exercise is how we lose even more weight and start building our muscles. Once the layers of belly fat have come off, we can start to truly shape and define our abs. But, what kind of exercise should we be doing?

Cardio - Walking or jogging 30 minutes a day only 3 days a week goes a long way in getting our body prepared for more intense exercise. This short cardio speeds up our metabolism and forces our bodies to drop excess fat. If you don't like walking or jogging, you can do almost any other physical activity such as playing a sport or even mowing the lawn.

Crunches - Crunches are a great way to start building ab muscle. They require no special equipment and can be done in the privacy of your own home. For crunches and other ab specific exercises, check out our guide Gut Busting Ab Workouts

Weight Lifting - Once we are comfortable with the cardio and crunches, we can turn the heat up a bit with weight lifting. There are many different weight lifting exercises you can do to define your ab muscles. This is often called the "cutting" phase. This phase comes after the belly fat is already gone and people are looking to really sculpt their bodies.

Step 3 - How do I Build Ab Muscle?

You might have seen the commericials on late night TV where some crazy, strange looking exercise device is shown to build ab muscles. For the most part, these devices don't work. Despite what these companies claim, these gimmick devices rarely ever work and there is no difference between normal muscles and ab muscles.

It's simple science. The building and toning of muscles merely requires 3 things.

  • High intensity workouts.
  • Progression of intensity.
  • Rest.

High Intensity Workouts - Working your body against some kind of resistance is how muscles are built. Without the proper intensity, muscles will never grow. By default, the body only develops enough muscle to handle what it has to. Therefore, when you put stress on your muscles, they are forced to grow.

Progression of Intensity - Since muscles only handle the stress placed upon them, it's important to gradually increase the work they have to do. Gradually increasing intensity and resistance is the only way to build muscle.

Rest - In order to avoid injuring yourself or overworking your muscles, you need to let them rest. This gives the muscle fibers time to heal so they can grow bigger.

Step 4 - Taking it To The Next Level

Sometimes, even with the proper dieting and exercise you are not getting the results you want. This can be due to genetics or perhaps you aren't using proper form while working out. The reasons can be many, but this shouldn't stop you from getting the abs you deserve. There are still unexplored avenues out there and we want to share one of them with you right now.

We highly recommend watching the following short video that will change the way you view weight loss and muscle building forever. It's an inspiring story from a man who went from overweight to ripped and he wants to show you how he did it.

Simply click the link below and choose your gender to get started: